Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book Review: Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

I originally heard of this book when a lot of people on Twitter started talking about it. Then Literary Rambles did an interview with the author. I read the interview and loved what the author had to say about how she came up with the idea for her story and what it was like writing the characters. I knew I wanted to read this book and was very excited when my library ordered it. But then I saw a tweet that Pulseit, the website I recommended on Friday, was offering a free reading of Let the Sky Fall! Score! I signed up with the website and started reading. Here's my summary:

Vane Weston is a "miracle child." He survived a category 5 tornado that killed his parents and didn't have a scratch on him. But he has no memory of his life from that day or before. He was quickly adopted and moved across the country where he has a great relationship with his new parents. But every night he is haunted in his dreams by a dark-haired girl. Vane doesn't know if she's real but he feels connected to her. So much so that he can't seem to have a successful date with any other girl. Then one night, determined to have his first kiss, he instead gets caught up in a wind storm and meets Audra. She tells him she is his guardian. Vane is not human. He, like Audra, is a sylph--an air elemental. Sylphs can control the wind, understand it's languages, and shape it into a weapon. Audra needs Vane to start training because the Stormers, the people who killed both their families, are coming for them. Vane has to learn the 4 languages of the winds. He is the last West and if he can master all the wind languages he will be the most powerful sylph. He will take his place as King and hopefully defeat Raiden, the Stormer who is slowly killing all the guardians. But in order to teach Vane what he needs to know, Audra must unlock Vane's memories--memories that once he get's back, might forever change the love he feels for her. And Audra doesn't want this; she's falling in love with Vane too. 

**I loved this book! Messenger has created a story unlike anything I have ever read. The sylph mythology is unique and interesting and the way she writes about the air is like poetry. Vane is your typical teenage boy that just wants to be normal and kiss girls. And Audra is so realistic that I felt like I knew her! She's experienced some tough things in her life but instead of wallowing she put up a wall up and became the best guardian she could be. I loved how dedicated she was to her job and to Vane. I thought her character was made even more interesting in that she didn't even realize she had feelings for Vane. We got to see her discover that and come to terms with the things her feelings have made her do and the consequences of acting on those feelings. And Vane was so sweet in letting Audra figure everything out and deal with her demons. He pushed her just enough to get her to realize how she felt but not so much that it caused her to close up even more. I can't wait to see where Vane and Audra end up in the next book and to learn the repercussions of all the events that transpired in Let the Sky Fall.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below and I will see you tomorrow.