Friday, April 1, 2016


I know, I know. It's been a while. Things in my world have as they always are--with periods of slowness and periods of activity. I've been in sort of a book slump lately finding I'm having a hard time falling in love with anything. I've started and stopped too many books to admit. And what's worse, sequels I've been waiting on have had a hard time keeping my interest as well. Crazy, right?! But I did complete THE WINNER'S CRIME the other day (the second of the series) so maybe things are starting to look up. And I've also managed to finish my first Sarah Dessen book, SAINT ANYTHING (don't hate me for not having read her until now!!) and I loved it! A couple of months ago I read DANGEROUS GIRLS by Abigail Haas and let me tell you, I was blown away! It totally shocked me and left me thinking about it long after the last page. 

Now I have to admit to something I'm sure many of you are guilty of--binge watching a show on Netflix. Years ago, when the show Prison Break was on air, I often heard great things about it. I wanted to watch it but had too many other shows I was watching, not to mention two young girls. Lately, I'd been seeing it listed as something I might like on Netflix so one day, as spring break started for my kiddos, I decided to just play the first episode and see if I liked it. Fast forward a week later and I was done with all four seasons and left DYING. That show was so good!! I mean literally it was heart-pumping episode after episode. My blood pressure (and stomach) were on the fritz the entire week :) And then I saw news that they're going to bring it back for 10 more episodes. What?! YESSSSSSS!! Binge watching a show, like reading a good book or book series back to back, can really leave you with a hangover. I'm still recovering from Prison Break and it's been two weeks!

As for my writing career, I've done a bit of a transition. My agent contacted me to let me know she was no longer going to be representing YA. As we were in a bit of an in-between period with my book and deciding what to do next, she suggested one of her other agents represent me. I agreed and am pleased to say that Rachel Burkot is now representing me. I'm very happy about this and know Rachel will be amazing.

Oh yeah, and I also finished another contemporary/realistic YA a few months ago. This one, along with all my other manuscripts, can be found to your right of your screen in the "My Writing" section of my blog. All my books are listed in the order I've written them.

Well that's all! Hope you, my readers, are doing well. Take care!