Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review: The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

So I've wanted to read this series for a while now because a long time ago I heard about how Amanda Hocking had self-published these books and how they had done really well and their success is (partly) what led to her getting her books in print. My library almost always has these books checked out but I was finally able to get the first two and read them over the past couple of weeks. They're very much what you would expect from a YA paranormal series--awkward girl finds out she isn't really human but a princess; leaves home to learn about her real people; finds out bad people are after her; must decide how best to save herself and those she loves. Even though parts of the story were cliche and sometimes the dialogue wasn't very authentic, I still found myself enjoying the plot and pleased with the main character and her voice. And as soon as I read the final installment, I will update to reflect.

Switched: When Wendy was a child, her father died and not long later, her mother tried to killed her. Her and her brother Matt were sent to live with their aunt and Wendy spent the rest of her years being a loner constantly getting into trouble. She always felt out of place with her picky appetite, unruly hair, short temper, and pension for going shoeless. It isn't until the strange and good-looking Finn shows up at her school and tells her that she isn't really human that things start to make sense. Wendy is a Trylle changeling--a troll that was switched at birth with the human baby born to the mom that tried to kill her. Trouble is, Wendy's "mom" wasn't really crazy. She recognized that Wendy wasn't her baby, or even human, and that was why she tried to kill her. After an attack on Wendy's life by a warring Trylle faction, the Vittra, Finn takes Wendy to the Trylle community where Wendy's real mom, the Queen Elora, rules. Slowly Wendy learns about the Trylle way of life as well as Trylle history. Wendy and Finn's attraction for each other grows but since Finn is considered lower class, he refuses to act on it. Then one day an attack on the Trylle occurs. Lives are lost and Wendy learns that the Vittra aren't going to give up until they get her. Frustrated with her real mother's lack of warmth and love and Finn's distance as well as wanting to keep the Trylle safe, Wendy decides to leave the Trylle community and return to her brother Matt and her aunt. What happens after that is more than she can handle.

Torn: Wendy arrives back home but she didn't come alone. She brought Rhys--the human boy she was switched with at birth. As a human in the Trylle community, Rhys has always been treated like the lowest of the low. Wendy wants Rhys to meet Matt, his older brother and Rhys is ready for a change so he agrees to go with her. Well, sort of. Wendy has a unique Trylle gift called Persuasion so she may have had to convince him some (: Wendy introduces the two boys and begins the process of trying to explain to Matt why she left and who she is. Not long later the Vittra show up and the next thing Wendy knows she's waking up in a dungeon with Matt and Rhys. The Vittra took them. There Wendy meets Loki, a Vittra royal who introduces her to his King--Wendy's dad! Wendy learns she's the heir to two thrones and she needs to decide which kingdom she wants to rule. While her mom's kingdom isn't the greatest, it is better than her dad's. So with some surprising help from Loki (who seems like a prisoner himself) Wendy and Matt and Rhys are able to escape the King's palace. They go back to the Queen where Wendy demands answers to all the questions her mother has avoided answering. Not long later, Loki shows back up. The Queen uses her power to keep him prisoner in the palace but it weakens her to a point close to death. Wendy seeks out Loki  for answers and the two get to know each other and even share a kiss. The Queen recovers some after Loki is exchanged for a peace agreement but the Queen tells Wendy that it won't be long before she will be dead and Wendy will be queen. She has even arranged for Wendy to marry a Trylle royal, Tove. Torn over who to love and where to rule, Wendy has some big decisions to make.

Well, hopefully I can get my hands on the last book today and update you on what I thought real soon. Thanks for stopping by and reading!!