Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review: Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Well it's been waaaaaay too long since my last post! Where is this summer going!? Good thing the wonderful PulseIt has been providing me with some free reading material! I just read Two Way Street, part of PulseIt's "Best Road Trip Books," and I thought it was pretty good. Here's my summary:

Courtney and Jordan were an unlikely couple in high school but that didn't seem to matter. They worked. Things were going great until Jordan out of the blue breaks up with Courtney for some girl he met online. Courtney is devastated but high school is over so she doesn't have to see Jordan anymore, right? Wrong. The two of them are going to the same college and are supposed to be driving there together. And Courtney's parents are still making her go! The trip doesn't go according to plan at all. Courtney does her best to hide her feelings for Jordan but Jordan is doing the same thing! Slowly Courtney learns exactly what happened to make Jordan break up with her and it's much worse (or maybe not so bad?) than she thought.

**Two Way Street is a very typical contemporary YA novel. It's an easy read with believable teenage dialogue. Barnholdt does a good job getting inside these two teens heads. She tells their story from alternating viewpoints of Courtney and Jordan before and during the road trip. I liked seeing how and why this couple ended up where they were. I thought the plot and pacing was well done and I looked forward to when all the secrets would finally be revealed. Overall a cute, quick read.

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